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The Silicon Valley secret is out, and it's a beautiful testament to the power of global collaboration. By embracing global remote champions in software development from Suntech IT Global, the tech industry is not just powering innovation; it's bringing the world closer, one brilliant mind at a time. In this unity lies an unspoken promise- a promise of a future that's limitless, inclusive, and bursting with possibilities.

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In September 2018, Suntech IT Global was established as a company specializing in fintech and SaaS solutions for the Australian and Sri Lankan markets. Operating from Australia, Suntech IT Global runs an offshore outsourcing development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We were lucky to secure a project for a mobile payment system from Sri Lanka’s top corporate bank.

By mid-2019, we faced a challenge in hiring an Android developer proficient in EMV standards. Unable to find the right candidate with the required technical expertise in both Australia and Sri Lanka, we took on the challenge and began searching globally for a skilled mobile app development engineer within our budget. Our search led us to Bengaluru, India. Although we never met the developer in person, he became an essential member of our team in Australia. This worldwide search made us realize the significance of not only technical abilities but also communication skills and the capacity to work remotely.

After the pandemic in 2020, our usual method of recruiting developers, which involved in-person interviews, became difficult. Our founder then considered the possibility of hiring software engineers globally, as remote work had become the norm due to the pandemic. This led to the creation of a new, thorough vetting process for identifying candidates who were not just technically proficient but also skilled in remote work and communication. This method proved to be successful and cost-effective by early 2022, encouraging Suntech IT Global to offer this model as a service to other Australian tech companies.

In March 2022, we had the chance to sell our Fintech department to a software company, a subsidiary of Sri Lanka’s leading digital bank. This successful sale enabled us to continue offering remote software developers to companies in Australia. Our clients include startups and major corporations, such as a general insurance company with an annual turnover of 400 million Australian dollars, which hired a remote development team from us.

By focusing on this service, we developed a unique, thorough vetting process to help tech companies find top tech talent. In January 2023, we successfully expanded our operations to Sweden in partnership with a Swedish business associate. Over five years, we observed that tech companies, from startups to industry leaders, aim to hire remote software developers of Silicon Valley quality. By continuously improving our vetting process, we now specialize in providing the best in software development, working remotely from around the globe.

In January 2024, Suntech IT expanded its unique service from Silicon Valley to a global clientele eager to hire top-notch remote software developers with Silicon Valley quality.

Suntech IT Global invites you to join our remarkable global journey to save money for your business, bypass the need for increased sales, and accelerate your business growth.

Our vision

Accelerating Growth by Bridging Tech Champions with Silicon Valley Caliber Across Borders.

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Connect with Global Remote Champions in Software Development to Empower Your Tech Company, Accelerate Your Growth, and Save Money Without Increasing Sales.

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The idea behind SuntechIT Global

Finding top-tier talent, especially remote developers with Silicon Valley caliber, is indeed a real challenge, isn't it? That's precisely what we specialize in.

I'm Janith, the founder of Suntech IT Global. Like you, I've grappled with the daunting task of assembling the perfect team. Our mission at SuntechIT is to bridge this gap by connecting you with elite remote developers—front-end, back-end, and full-stack champions—who are rare gems in the industry.

Our goal is clear: to find you team members who not only meet but exceed your expectations, thereby enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your work life, especially in competitive tech roles. Explore our website to uncover how we address the unique challenges of hiring remote tech champions. We offer solutions that empower your team and elevate your projects.

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